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Plus, many coin dealers will try to buy your old coins from you at very low prices. don t know any more about world coins and other non-coin numismatic items than you d discover for yourself just searching Google and eBay. You can type the likely country name into a search engine such as Google to see what is available on the Web. isn t on the chart, it is probably a commemorative coin, rather than a circulating coin. Don s Web site has over 25,000 photos of coins from more than 400 countries, past and present, and his Instant Identifiers page has images of dozens of coins that lack English inscriptions. Guides to US Coins Here are several articles that will help you identify and value your old coins from the United States: U. Just match your old coin to the images, and click the image to get to his information and value page. This guide will help you figure out what your old coins are, and lead to resources for further information about them. For help with old commemorative coins, you are best off getting a copy of the U. Read MoreIn 1489 King Henry VII instructed The Royal Mint to produce a new money of gold.

In this case, you might have a token, round, or pattern, all of which resemble coins. There are thousands of coin-related Web sites out there for just about every type of old coin imaginable. Sooner or later someone will recognize it. Old Coins That Can t be Identified Not all of your old coins will be identifiable using the methods above coin prices chart. Never sell your old coins until you know what you ve got and what they re worth. The reason I don t like to suggest this is that most coin dealers in the U coin prices chart. Although this is rarely my first choice when giving advice about old coins, you can try taking your old coins to a coin dealer and see what he can tell you. The First Step The first step to finding out what your old coins are worth is to identify them. , they will usually name some other country. It can be very hard to learn more about these unofficial coins because very few people collect them, so they re usually not worth very much (if any) money.

Sometimes sellers have a lot of detail about the coins in the auctions, plus you ll get an idea of value. Try typing the inscriptions you can read into a search engine. Be sure to check beyond the first page of search results.Dogecoin.
. In 1489 King Henry VII instructed The Royal Mint to produce a new money of gold. Researching Old Coins Here are some tips for researching your old coins: Don t be afraid to check eBay links if they come up in search for your old coin. Quarters (1796-Date) Old Coins From Outside the United States If your old coins do not say they are from the U. If the old coin doesn t have a country name that you can read, you can try visiting Don s World Coin Gallery to look it up. If you find something very similar, but that doesn t quite match your old coin, try emailing whoever s page (or ebay listing) you re on for help. .Vertcoin.


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